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Spider Blue

Social Worker Caleb Knowles grapples with two horrendous crimes: a nurse found stabbed to death in the yard of her suburban home and a millworker unexplainably draws a gun and opens fire on fellow employees. Caleb's ties to these murder are both professional and personal, and he soon finds himself a reluctant witness and victim to dark and dangerous events in the underbelly of his hometown.   

Keeping Silent

In this first of the Caleb Knowles mysteries, Caleb is called upon to help his brother, renowned artist Sam Knowles, deaf since age sixteen, who stands accused of the bludgeoning death of his fiance. And it doesn't look good for Sam: when the police arrive at the scene, they find Sam alone with the murdered woman, who was also deaf. They identify the murder weapon as one of his sculptures--a wooden angel called the "Gabriel." And Sam himself isn't helping his case-- he's doing little to defend himself despite Caleb's efforts to break through Sam's chilling silence.

During a therapy session, one of Caleb's clients reveals a curious connection with the murdered woman. So Caleb launches his own investigation, hoping to help his troubled client while he learns what he can about Anne Farrell, a complicated woman with some dark secrets of her own. But when Caleb's client nearly dies from a suicide attempt, Caleb's investigation into Sam's troubles becomes dangerous for those around him--and deadly for him.

Mystery and Syspense at Your Fingertips

Keeping Silent is available at bookstores nationwide or online. Click on a link below to order your copy today.

And stay tuned, Spider Blue will be released January 2005!

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