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With the publication of Keeping Silent, the reading public got itself a    magnificent new mystery novelist in Carla Damron. And now the much anticipated second Caleb Knowles novel, Spider Blue,  was released by BellaRosa Books in January 2005.

Keeping Silent, published in hardbound by Write Way Publishing and in mass market paperback by Worldwide, was named a "paperback best bet" for 2002 by and has received impressive reviews from many mystery reviewers and newspapers. 

And here's what the Charlotte Observer had to say about Spider Blue in its February 20th review:

South Carolinian Carla Damron brings us her second novel starring Caleb Knowles,  a social worker with a delightfully dry sense of humor. Business is booming at Knowles' small office, which is handling the therapy for a local mill that just experienced a multiple shooting. Caleb is also trying to help a 4-year-old girl whose mother was stabbed to death.

Damron has a nice little series shaping up here. Her own experience as
a clinical social worker lends authenticity, and I especially enjoy how
she works in the character of Caleb's brother Sam, a deaf artist.

BREAKING NEWS... Bella Rosa Books has announced it will publish SPIDER BLUE in trade paperback this fall!  

 About author Carla Damron's Caleb Knowles mysteries:

Tapping into Damron's keen insight into human behavior, she developed main character Caleb Knowles, a devoted brother, an astute therapist, and a determined investigator.

What the reviewers say:
"Oh what an alluring web she weaves. Damron develops realistic characters whose emotional entanglements and depths of despair are rendered all the more penetrating by her 'just plain folk' portrayals. Her carefully constructed plot and thoughtfulness about social ills contribute to a noteworthy work... she has the talent to play on a much broader stage." THE STATE, Columbia SC

"A well-written debut mystery with an intriquing protagonist." THE MYSTERY READER

"Not only an engrossing novel but a timely one, as it becomes evident that audits can certainly serve to hide as well as to reveal shady business practices." I LOVE A MYSTERY

"Ms. Damron's adaptation of the deaf is poignant and exact and the deaf communications are consistent throughout. Keeping Silent is one of the better examples of true deaf characterization." DEAF CHARACTERS, BEHIND THE FICTION

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